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About The Debuntante Ball

As always the question arises, so what is The debs ball you may ask?

The debs or grad is a formal ball for students in their final year of secondary school in Ireland, and is similar to the prom in North American schools, U.K. Schools and the School formal in Australia.

The debs (ball)  is short for débutantes' (ball), this name was initially used for all girls' schools, co-educational schools, and some boys' schools; with The Grad (from graduation ball) often being used in all boys' schools.

It occurs at the end of the final year or (6th Year) of secondary school. Each secondary school hosts their own ball or graduation. With the vast majority of schools the debs is held in the autumn after the final year (which finishes after irish state exams known as the Leaving Cert in June each year);. In some schools, before the big ball, there is a smaller ball, known as a "pre-debs", or "grads" is held; usually in January/February but sometimes as late as May.

The ball is usually, though not always, a  formal dinner, followed by music and dancing. Traditionally there is a photographer, who will take individual Photos of each couple, and several  throughout the night, of the dancing etc. It is quite common for the event to last all night, hence attendees do not to return home until the following morning, often going for breakfast together, or they will be provided with their breakfast from their hotel or venue.

Traditionally their is a committee comprising of students created in the school to organise the event . Normally, the person asking someone else will pay for both tickets. Students sometimes worry about being invited or finding a date but many attend with friends or in a group, not worrying about the formal dating aspect. Whether the female asks the male, or vice versa, this is irrelevant. Males are are usually wear dinner jackets ( Tuxedos), with a tie to match the females dress colour and usually wear a corsage (usually an orchid on a wrist strap) given to them by their date. It is customary for men to purchase a bouquet of flowers and / or a box of chocolates for the mother of their date.

AKP Chauffeur Drive Limousines

AKP Chauffeur Drive Limousines At KP Chauffeur Drive Limousines ( we pride ourselves on attention to detail and offer a professional quality debs ball limousine service with competitive prices. Our Cars &Limousines are available for hire on an individual or collective basis. Our Limo Hire Service As you have been dreaming of an unforgettable  night. Let AKP Chauffeur Drive Limousines take you to your Debs Ball in style and make it a night to remember. All you have to do is chill out and relax and listen to you favourite music on the way to your Hotel or Venue whilst enjoying a complimentary bottle of champagne...
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David Moore Photography

David Moore  Photography David Moore  Photography We are the the resident  photographer at a select group of  hotels and venues that use their  Photo Service,  as I have been photographing Debs Balls for the last 15 years, and know how important it is to capture that special souvenir of your great debs night! Our Photography Services: We will be available to take pictures of individuals, couples and small groups before and after Dinner. Each couple will be photographed in two different poses, one head & shoulders and one full-lenhgt. Group Photos Group photos can also be arranged for the night, a full class photo of the ball can...
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